On: July 13, 2017

The Trinity Financial/Trinity Management team leading the Treadmark project hosted a community meeting on Wednesday, July 12, at the Parish of All Saints, regarding the fire that occurred two weeks ago.  At the meeting, beyond expressing gratitude to all the first responders for their work in containing the fire and the community for the outpouring of support they received, they focused on answering questions from the assembled residents.  Most of those questions are also addressed in the FAQ which was handed out during the meeting (full .pdf at the link).  Trinity Financial also announced that they have partnered with CoUrbanize to provide a platform for information about the reconstruction process, updates, and the ongoing opportunity for people to ask questions along the way.  The CoUrbanize project page can be accessed directly by clicking here, and the shortened link for sharing is courb.co/tmk.  If you would like to receive updates automatically, you have the option of registering your email address or social media accounts there.  Our initial Facts & Resource Sheet for those affected by the fire is also still available on this website.

A lot remains unknown at this time about timing and exact details, but we are glad to know that Trinity Financial is committed to rebuilding the Treadmark. It is an important transit oriented development for our Boston Main Streets district, set to provide 51 affordable rental units, 32 mixed income condo units, and several first floor commercial spaces. We look forward to helping however we can along the way, and, most significantly, to welcoming our new neighbors, including American Provisions, when they ultimately are all able to move in.