On: January 14, 2022

We are happy to profile Charlie’s House of Pizza located at 1740 Dorchester Avenue.  A local business that has been serving up some of the best pizza and chicken wings in Ashmont for over 30 years.  

After facing some construction delays which were due to back ordering and supply shortages Charlie’s House of Pizza officially reopened their doors last week, after taking a year and half to rebuild from the fire that erupted at Charlie’s House of Pizza back in November of 2020.   

In there brief hiatus they received a lot of support from the community, George Gkerdoukis, the owner of Charlie’s House of Pizza added “ We received so many calls every week from community members asking that they reopen the shop”  Many ashmont locals would order from their other location in quincy the “pizza connection”   The outpouring of support convinced george that they should stick with the plan and bring the business back better than ever.

George made many renovations to the store including brand new kitchen equipment and a completely revamped interior design.  The shop is completely open, when you walk in you will see George and his amazing team of employees that have been working at charlies for years making pizza dough and pizza sauces from scratch. 

They make all of their chicken wings sauces from scratch using fresh ingredients.  They recently added the “chocolate calzone” to the menu and it has quickly become a favorite of many community members.  They also hand make their own cookies and George’s wife handmakes greek desserts that are on display in their new pastry display case.

Most of the staff has come back to work at Charlie’s House of Pizza,  George added “ Besides my family and the outpouring of community support I drew a lot of my strength to reopening the shop from my staff”  Most of the old staff came back to work at Charlie’s House of Pizza.  Most of the staff was with charlies long before george took over in 2019, George added “ as a business owner you want to have these type of people work with you not for you” Charlies has upgraded their payment processing equipment and are now capable of accepting all forms of payment and are on slice, door dash with Uber eats and Grub Hub becoming available shortly.

At Charlie’s they strike a balance between having fun and focusing on clamping down for the rushes.
  They have found a way to modernize the restaurant while maintaining the same atmosphere that the previous restaurant fostered for over 30 years.   Stop by Charlie’s House of Pizza at 1740 dorchester avenue or check them out online at charliespizzadorchester.com

They are open 7 days a week from 10:30am-10:30pm








Find Out more about George Gkerdoukis below 


Allow us to introduce you to George Gkerdoukis, owner and operator of Charlie’s House of Pizza located at 1740Dorchester Avenue.  George, originally from Greece has been in the hospitality business for his whole life.  While in Greece he was presented with the opportunity to invest in a small business in  canton massachusetts.  

After much thought, George decided to move to America in 2017.  After working at a restaurant in canton for a brief period of time George along with a business partner opened their first restaurant in quincy called “the pizza connection” which has been a thriving restaurant since their opening.  They are known for their amazing pizza which is made with fresh ingredients and homemade pizza dough and sauces.  

In 2019 George was presented with the opportunity to purchase Charlie’s House of Pizza which at the time had been a staple of the Ashmont district for 27 years.  George added “ I was afraid in the beginning, because I was buying a restaurant that was highly thought of in the community for 27 years”  George knew that he had big shoes to fill.  

Since taking over Charlie’s House of Pizza, George has grown the business by bringing in the same practices that have turned his other restaurant into the thriving pizza business that it is today.  Charlie’s makes all of their pizza dough from scratch, they make their own pizza sauces using fresh ingredients.  They make all of their wing sauces from scratch and make all of their desserts in the restaurant.    Including some delicious greek desserts that George’s wife makes.

In November of 2020A fire erupted at Charlie’s House of Pizza which caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damages.  George recalled “ I Got the phone call about the fire at 2am, When I walked through the debris  I couldn’t breathe or think straight”  He remembered calling his wife and telling her “It’s a total mess, i don’t think it is going to work anymore”  He initially thought it would take many years to rebuild and he was unsure if it would be worth it.  It wasn’t until he saw the outpouring of support from the community who would call him on a regular basis asking when Charlie’s would reopen or the community members who would bypass other local pizza restaurants to order from his restaurant all the way in quincy.

Through hard work and his amazing support system of staff, family, friends and community support George officially reopened in january of 2022.  The new revamped Charlie’s House of Pizza is bringing back all of the same amazing food with a much more modern and spacious restaurant.  

Since the fire George has renewed his ties to the community by donating to the first responders who were there for him the night of the fire.  George added “ they were there for me that night, so i want to give back to them”  

If you are looking to #shoplocal #shopsmall check out George Gker and the amazing hardworking staff at Charlie’s House of Pizza at 1740 dorchester avenue, they are open 7 days a week from 1030-1030pm.