If regular committee meetings aren’t your thing, don’t worry. There are still plenty of volunteer opportunities at SMAMS that don’t require a regular, on-going commitment. If you’re interested in helping out on specific projects, please provide your contact information in the form below. Also include information about the types of projects you’d like to do and any specialized skills you can offer.

Potential volunteer projects might include:

  • Write guest blog posts, other website projects
  • Volunteer at Greater Ashmont MS¬†fundraisers, before and/or during the event
  • Distribute cookies and goody bags at the annual Holiday Tree Lighting
  • Distribute flyers to Greater Ashmont MS businesses
  • Design a flyer or other marketing material
  • Help out at a cleanup day or help with beautification projects

Volunteer Contact Form:

While we finish updating our website, please contact us at info@greaterashmont.org or 617-825-3846 to volunteer.  Thank you!