On: April 18, 2013

Richard Family

In response to the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, and the inspiring outpouring of support from so many people near and far, St. Mark’s Area Main Street has established the Richard Family Fund, to support the family in light of  expenses that will inevitably arise. 100% of donations collected via this campaign will be disbursed to the Richards. We expect the funds will be used for medical expenses, for memorial services, or other appropriate expenditures at the family’s discretion.

The fund was set up by SMAMS volunteers, staff and friends.

Contributions can be made online at:


Also, checks payable to “Richard Family Fund” can be mailed to:

St. Mark’s Area Main Street, Inc.
1914 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02124

For questions about the Richards, please contact family spokesperson Larry Marchese:  lmarchese@legionthirteen.com

For questions about the fund, please contact SMAMS president Tim Deihl:  deihlre@gmail.com

For questions about the donation site, please contact Chris Peterson:  chris.peterson@mit.edu

Many thanks to all who played a role in this, especially Chris Peterson and colleagues at the MIT Center for Civic Media, and Eastern Bank.