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About the Market

The Ashmont Farmers Market will be opening July 8, 2022, 3 to 7pm.  In 2022, over 350 people interacted with our market vendors each week with many more passers-by and we’re expecting even greater things in 2022. The AFM holds a special place in the heart of our neighborhood by providing families access to fresh food from local vendors.


This year we return to our standard market format.  We ask customers to continue to maintain distance and to wear a mask if you’re not vaccinated.  This model allows us to prioritize safety for our community while continuing to be an access point for local, affordable, and nutritious food.  All entertainers, placemaking, food demos, community and wellness activities are expected to return later in the season.  

2022 Ashmont Farmers Market

  • When? Opening day: July 8th, the market will run 17 weeks through October 28th. Every Friday afternoon, 3 to 7 PM
  • Where? on Droser Plaza, outside Ashmont MBTA station, 1900 Dorchester Ave.
  • What forms of payment do you accept? Market vendors will accept cash, credit/debit cards, Farmer’s Market Coupons, SNAP/EBT, HIP, and P-EBT .  Some vendors also accept WIC and SFMNP coupons.  Please note that P-EBT is not eligible for HIP benefits

We’re excited to have these amazing local vendors at the market this year!  Be sure to visit their websites for pre-order options. The Food Project, Sibling Organics, and Stony Creek Farm will also be available for onsite, low contact sales.

  • The Food Project: The Food Project has pre-ordering available through their designated Square store. Their store that will be open every week Monday afternoon for pre-orders. It will close at end of day Wednesday evening in order to have time to pull the orders together before market.  You can pre-purchase with credit card to pick up at the market. They’ll have your goods ready to go at the cash register.
    • SNAP/EBT customers: To order using SNAP/EBT, please type SNAP in the coupon code. This will allow you to pay when you pickup your order. All SNAP veggie orders online are HIP eligible.
  • Sibling Organic Farm: Online pre-order is unavailable that this time.  Please call the farm to make pre-orders.
  • Evergreen Delivery, featuring Red’s Best & Boston Smoked Fish Co seafood, has pre-ordering available through their special Square store for pre-purchase of local fish and seafood with credit/debit cards to pick up at the market at the Ashmont Farmers Market table.
    • SNAP/EBT customers: To place your order email the sales manager at or call their office at 617-285-0826. Note that fish and seafood orders are not HIP eligible.

The Ashmont Farmers Market

Greater Ashmont Main Street (then, Saint Marks Area Main Street) founded the Ashmont Farmers Market in 2008. Since then, the market has become a beloved Dorchester Institution each Friday in Peabody Square!

For the most up-to-date information about the Farmers Market, follow our market calendar and social media.

Why Shop at the Farmers Market?

Farmers Markets are special! So why buy your groceries at the farmers market instead of the grocery store?

  • Fresh – While store bought fruits and veggies are usually seven to fourteen days old by the time they hit grocery store shelves, at the farmers market you’re buying fruits and veggies picked just hours earlier. This means you can expect produce that stays fresher, longer. Selling at the farmers market, farmers can choose flavor over shelf-life.
  • Local – By the time produce reaches the shelves of the grocery store, on average it’s travelled 1,200 miles. At the Ashmont Farmers Market, you’re buying from farms within a 35 mile radius
  • Responsible Food Waste – at the Farmers Market, we make use of every bit of produce. Food you don’t purchase is donated right here in Dorchester to Daily Table or used to feed the cows and chickens back on the farm!
  • Supporting Local Economy – buying local, supports our economy. Often, customers at the Ashmont Farmers Market, stop into other Greater Ashmont Main Street businesses in Peabody Square or along Dorchester Avenue. Studies have shown that every dollar spent at the farmers market, as many three additional dollars are invested in the local economy

How much of my dollar goes to the farmer?

At the Grocery Store

At the Farmers Market

Market Location

Sell at the Market

Apply to be a vendor today

The Ashmont Farmers Market is a great place to grow your customer base! Learn more about selling at the market.

Volunteer at the Market

Volunteer at the Market

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Ashmont Farmers Market. Since it’s inception, the market has been made possible by community volunteers committed to bringing fresh, local food to Greater Ashmont. Sign up for a shift below to get started or get in touch with our market manager

Play at the Market

Due to health restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a modified market for the 2020 season and will not be offering entertainment and music.

Season Sponsors

Running a farmers market costs money. While we are not actively soliciting market sponsorship this year, your donations allow us to provide food access for our community.