On: November 12, 2021

We are ecstatic to highlight Princess Hair Palace a #blackowned #familyowned #familyrun business. Since their opening in 2010 Princess hair palace has grown along with the community. From their humble beginnings operating out of the owner’s kitchen sink 30 years ago to their current spacious location at 1876 Dorchester Avenue Princess Hair Palace has become a staple of the Greater Ashmont MS District.

When you walk in you will be greeted by the dynamic Mother, Daughter Duo that owns and operates the salon. They recently redecorated the salon replacing everything with brand new top of the line equipment, chairs and more. This upgraded interior decor has transformed Princess Hair Palace into a stunning salon. All of their previous salon equipment and supplies were donated to an entrepreneur in the Congo to help build their own hair salon.

At Princess Hair Palace caters to their clients needs and provide a safe and welcoming environment where their clients can relax and get away from the stress and worries of life.

Princess Hair Salon they focus on natural hair, coloring, cuts, weaves and much more. Although they provide great hair extensions and wigs, they recognize that those things fade away, which is why they teach their clients about their hair and show them how to best treat and care for their hair.

They create a positive atmosphere by playing gospel music and by being there for their clients, they help people with more than just their hair. Women come in one way, and they leave happy.

They have given back to the community by hosting toy drives as well as helping clients in need by paying phone bills and buying school uniforms. During Prom Season they offer free haircuts to kids in need. They offer free haircuts to women who are going on job interviews

Princess Hair Palace is currently hiring. They are looking to add another Stylist to the team as well as a braider. If you are interested in applying email them. They foster their stylist to grow and branch out and create their own business.

From the kitchen sink to being the stylist for “Spencer for Hire” a Mark Walhberg Movie, styling actors from the Black Panther, or some of the New England Patriots Wives, Princess Hair Palace personifies what it means to be an entrepreneur.


1876 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02124

About the owners:

Originally from the island of Dominica, Princess grew up poor.  When she came to America 40 years ago, she had a goal and vision to become a lawyer.

As an ordained minister Princess believes “God had a different plan for me” 

Princess began her journey in the Beauty industry because she wasn’t happy with local hair salon services.  No one was able to do her hair, so she went to hair school to be able to do her own hair.  After school she went on to work at Kay’s hair salon in Mattapan. 


One day her son got sick and that led her to leave the salon to tend to him.  A client of her’s from Kays asked if Princess would wash her hair at her home and she agreed.  That client would go on to brag to her friends at work about Princess work, which led to her having more business at her home.  


A growing family and customer base motivated Princess to get a bigger apartment, where she converted a bedroom into a salon.  When she eventually outgrows the apartment she would go on to buy a home and convert the basement of her house into what would become the first iteration of Princess Hair Palace.  Eventually Princess was able to move into her location at 1876 Dorchester Ave, where she stayed for years before expanding into what used to be the Peabody Bor.


As a single mother Princess did not want to see her children end up on the st, she wanted to be known as a working mother. Princess believes “what they see at home is what they do in their lives”.  Princess would attend every hair show and every workshop from New York, Florida,D.C or Connecticut.  She educated herself in every aspect of the business, along the way she was mentored by top stylist at more established hair salons like nik, nik’s


Princess daughter Smantha grew up in the family business, much like her mom Samantha also wanted to be a lawyer.  Samantha went to business school, got her degree and then decided to change career course.  After college she went to hair school.  She has become a top stylist, she does color, cut, weave and much more. Samantha has been doing the work for over 20 years, she now runs the day to day work at the shop and the princess operates the back end work while also still doing hair.