On: November 19, 2021

Next up in our small business spotlight series is Daley Retreats, located at 1912 Dorchester Avenue. Daley Retreats is a #blackowned and operated wellness center, run by the charismatic, knowledgeable, friendly and dynamic Joanne Daley. 

Originally opened in 2016, Daley Retreats focus is to to assist in guiding the mind and body into a deep state of relaxation. It is in this state of relaxation the body receives a fuller rest. 

Joanne’s integrative approach to bodywork will help you unwind and find space to breathe fully, and relax in our fast paced world.   Joanne has over 20 years of experience in the business and she is well versed in almost every field that revolves around the human body.  Her background includes Integrative massage therapy, Prenatal bodywork, Doula services, Craniosacral therapy as well as the very detailed whole body care practice of Ayurveda. 

Dailey Retreats as well as the industry as a whole were deeply impacted by Covid 19.  Joanne was forced to close until the city allowed her to reopen.  She used that time to reassess the business, when she reopened in October of 2020 she became strictly appointment only and began to have shorter sessions.  Which allowed her to properly clean and maintain the space to provide her clients with a peace of mind that they will be safe and will be treated to an amazing experience.

Daley Retreat’s focus shifted to more of a restorative message, which is a mixture of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Kripalu Bodywork, Craniosacral,Thai for table and other modalities. They got creative and began to host virtual workshops, Joanne added “ part of being self employed is being comfortable with reinventing yourself and business.” The workshops have been a big hit and Joanne plans on continuing to offer these workshops for her clients.

At Daley Retreats you truly can unwind and find space to breathe fully, and relax in our fast paced world.  

With no set hours, Daley Retreats is able to offer their clients flexible scheduling with weekends available to book your appointment.

To book your appointment email Daley Retreats  http://daleyretreats.massagetherapy.com/


Joanne Daley of Daley Retreats 11/19th 4pm


Meet Joanne Daley Owner and operator of Daley Retreats.  Born in London, Joanne Moved to Roxbury with family, after a few years  Joanne moved again to Mattapan, Joanne Added “ I was always at Ashmont Station.”  Joanne went to Boston Latin, it was at Boston Latin where Joanne first began to envision what her future would look like.

Joanne would go on to work for the U.S House of Representatives, where she worked directly with a congressperson in Massachusetts.  Although government work is rewarding it “ can be difficult to see the fruit of what you are laying down”  Joanne realized that working in politics was not for her, so she decided to step away and began a new career path.

Always interested in the Human Body and Joanne enjoyed seeing the impact of making someone feel better, for Joanne it was more rewarding then anything she had previously done.  Joanne attended the now defunct Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, while in school Joanne got  pregnant with her son and her focus shifted from school to raising her son.

While caring for her growing son she learned as he grew deepening her curiosity about the human body.  She Took a class in infant message and began to teach the classes locally in Dorchester. Joanne added that you “Learn even more about the body as an adult when you focus on it as an infant” she“Learned a lot more” about the human body, she added that it was like “relearning the body from a great place”. 

Joanne would go onto work as a research assistant for the PACE and LABOR studies housed at Brigham and Women’s and Mass General Hospital, she enjoyed her time working with those two studies and learned a lot about the human body.   Joanne began working for herself in 2010, with her first spa located in Cambridge.  She worked in Cambridge for three years growing the business and her clientele until one day she was involved in a car accident which sidelined her for 2 years from work.  During her hiatus she began to learn more about other practices, like acupuncture, cupping as well as other unfamiliar modilaties.

She would go on to work part time in Spa’s before opening her current practice at 1912a Dorchester Avenue in 2016.  She has served the Ashmont community both in person as well as virtually, Joanne aims to provide her clients with a comforting and relaxing environment where the stresses and burdens of your life can be removed from your shoulders.