On: January 9, 2018

Greater Ashmont Main Street is thrilled to announce that we have exceeded our crowdfunding goal of $25,000. In just 60 days, the community raised $26,430 from 135 friends, neighbors, and Dorchester small businesses, who together made an average donation of $196! We are in awe of the showing of support, at all levels. Matching commitments from institutional partners multiplied this into $76,430 of funding for Peabody Square Revitalization. We’re so excited to be able to realize this truly community-driven vision to enhance Peabody Square as a gathering space where neighbors can come together – Thanks to you! We count ourselves fortunate to be part of this generous and dedicated community.

We’d also like to give special thanks to our institutional donors who invigorated our fundraising efforts by matching your donations 2:1.  This effort would not have been possible without commitments from the following partners:

Finally, we are also thankful for essential event and publicity support from Patronicity, the Ashmont Grill, and Dorchester Brewing Company, which were critical to the success of this campaign.

Thank you so much! You have made it possible to realize a much-anticipated vision for Peabody Square! 

See the campaign video below and read about the Project details at the Patronicity page.

Revitalizing Peabody Square from Patronicity on Vimeo.